Actus  Asset Management Inc. is a Global Investment Holdings company. It was purchased in 2014 as part of the Holding’s work in institutionalizing and expanding the managed investment funds and partnerships under a portfolio management company in 1998. Portfolio management, which has been continuing for more than 20 years within Global, gained a new momentum through the transfer of experience on this subject to Actus Portfolio.

The size of the portfolios managed by Actus Portfolio was approximately 272,602,855 TL by the end of February 2017. It is the third largest portfolio management company which has domestic capital and without a bank/brokerage house /insurance company as a subsidiary.

Police  Pension Funds, Polsan, has approximately 80,000 cooperators and an asset size of 1.3 billion TL.

Global Investment Holdings was established in 1990 under the title of Global Securities and has been providing services on fund/portfolio management under its own brand since 1995. As well as its operations in finance, Global Investment continues its investments in energy, infrastructure and real estate and is also the world’s largest cruise port operator.