Mr. Özkan started his career in 1992 in T.C. Ziraat Bank, Monetary and Capital Markets Department. Prior to his position in Oyak Bank Personal Banking Investment products, he served in the treasury departments of various banks and brokerage houses. Since 2010 Mr. Özkan has served as Assistant General Manager in Polsan Portfolio, and following the renaming as a result of the partnership with Global Investment Holdings, he currently continues his role as Assistant General Manager of Portfolio Management in Actus Portfolio Management Inc. Mr. Özkan holds a BA from Hacettepe University and an MA in Banking from Marmara University. He has 24 years of experience in the sector.


Mr. Varolan started his career in 2000 as an investment specialist in Textile Securities Company. Following his role as Investment Specialist and Derivatives Exchange dealer in Deniz Investment and Deniz Türev companies in 2007, he served as Team Leader in DenizBank Private Banking Private Operations Department between 2009 and 2012. Between February 2012 – September 2013 Mr. Varolan served as Director of Turkey Desk in Banque International Luxembourg Zurich. He then returned to his role as Team Leader in Denizbank Private Banking, and in June 2015 he was appointed as Manager of Private Investment Center in Deniz Investment, which serves private banking customers. As of November 2015, he has been serving as Investment Consultancy Director in Actus Portfolio Management Inc.

Mr. Varolan holds a BA in Management from Istanbul University, School of Business Administration, and he has 12 years of experience in the sector.


Mr. Sağman graduated from Galatasaray High School; he has a BA in Economics and Finance from Sorbonne University, and an MA in Banking and Finance again from Sorbonne University, which he completed as one of the top-ranking students. Since 1997 he has served in various roles in Credit Lyonnais Treasury Department, Paris Stock Market, Alfa Securities, Nasdaq Stock Market and Broadway Trading firm. After serving as President of the US Markets in Paris Refco in 2002, between 2004 and 2011 he served in executive positions in Akbank Private Banking Foreign Markets and Equity Markets and Finansbank Private Banking departments. Between 2011 and 2015, Mr. Sağman served as Co-founder and General Manager of AZ Notus Portfolio Management. Besides his professional career, since 2008 he has been lecturing in Galatasaray University and Bilgi University and he regularly comments on economy and markets in various media organs. Since November 2016, Mr. Sağman has been serving as Consultant to the Board of Directors / Investment Committee Member in Actus Portfolio Management Inc.


Ms. Altınsaç graduated from Marmara University Department of Economics (English) in 2001 and started her MA in the Department of Economics at Bilkent University as a teaching assistant. Ms. Altınsaç completed her MA degree in Economics (English) at Marmara University. She started her career as Economist in Garanti Securities Inc. in 2004. Ms. Altınsaç served as Head Economist in the same institution between 2012-2016, while taking part in extensive public offerings such as Turk Telekom, and institutional sales processes. Ms. Altınsaç has been appearing as a commentator in Bloomberg HT since 2011, while at the same time lecturing on finance and economics in Bilgi University and Özyeğin University.


Mr. Arslan started his finance career during his graduate studies in the US and had the chance to gain experience in areas including institutional financing, private capital investments, and fund management. He worked in the management of the Brook Ventures Fund, which invests in the technology and health sectors in the US. While providing institutional financing consultancy to various middle-scale companies in telecommunication, energy, and technology, he also became an investor and achieved successful results. Since 2008, Mr. Arslan has worked consecutively in İş Investment, Rhea Portfolio, and Azimut Portfolio, successfully managing investment funds and hedge funds established in Turkey, Europe, and the US, with sizes ranging between 20 and 200 million dollars. Mr. Arslan holds a BA degree in Industrial Engineering from Sabancı University and an MA in Management and Finance from Bentley University. He has 10 years of experience in the sector.



Ms. Bildirici Toprak started her career as a Management Trainee in BankExpress in 1999. Later, she served in personal and private banking positions in Garanti Bank and BankEuropa. Since 2006, she has carried out sales and marketing operations in securities and portfolio management companies. Between 2008 – 2012, Ms. Bildirici served as Deputy General Manager of İstanbul Asset Management.

Ms. Bildirici Toprak holds a BA degree in Management (English) from Istanbul University. She played an active role in the establishment stage of one of the first private portfolio management companies in Turkey. Ms. Bildirici Toprak currently serves as Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Actus Portfolio. She has 16 years of experience in the sector.


Mr. Özveren started his career as Assistant Specialist in Koç Investment Securities Inc. in 1995. After taking various roles in Koçbank Headquarters and branches, he served as Manager of Ankara Private Banking Center between 2003 and 2006. He served as Regional Manager in Private Banking and Asset Management between 2007 and 2011. Prior to starting his role as Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Actus Portfolio Management Inc. in June 2016, Mr. Özveren served as Portfolio Sales Manager in Azimut Portfolio Inc, which is a Global Investment Holdings and Azimut Portfolio partnership.

Mr. Özveren holds a BA degree from Faculty of Economics, Istanbul University and has 21 years of experience in the sector.


Kuşçu has 22 years of experience in investment consultancy and capital markets. She started her career as a management trainee at Yapı Kredi Bank – Investment Banking. She has worked as a manager at Anadolu Industry Holdings – Alternative Investment, Akbank Private Banking, Garanti Emeklilik, Finans Asset Management, Global Investment Holdings, Global Asset Management and Azimut Asset Management – Investment Consulting and Sales departments. She joined Actus Portfolio team as Sales and Marketing Coordinator.


Önder, started her career at Yatırım Bank A.Ş., equity market in 1994 has worked for private banking segments of several banks after 2000. She was the manager at Finansbank Private Banking, Ankara branch between 2005-2010. After that, Önder worked as a manager at Osmanlı Menkul Değerler and treasury director at an industrial firm. She has begun working at Actus Asset Management Inc. As Sales and Marketing Manager. Onder was graduated from Gazi University, International Relations. She has 23 years of experience in finance sector.



Ms. Yüksek started her career in Gedik Investment Inc. in 1996 and after working in various positions, she served as Auditor between 2005 and 2011. She continued her career as Auditor/Compliance Officer in Ceros Securities Inc. between 2011-2015, and as of February 2015 as Internal Control and Auditor in Polsan Portfolio Management Inc. She carried out tasks for the compliance of Polsan Portfolio to CMB’s III-5.1-numbered notice. She continues her role as Internal Control and Auditor in Actus Portfolio Management Inc. following the renaming as a result of the partnership with Global Investment Holdings. She holds a BA degree from the Faculty of Economics, Ankara University, and holds certificates for Capital Market Operations Level-3, Derivative Financial Instruments, and Institutional Management Rating. She has 20 years of experience in the sector.


Mr. Tan started his career in Ak Investment Securities in 2000. After working in various positions in the investment, portfolio management, and bank treasury capital markets divisions of the company, he started to serve as Assistant Manager of Finance – Operations in Polsan Portfolio Management in September 2013. He continues his role as Assistant Manager of Finance – Operations in Actus Portfolio Management Inc., following the renaming as the result of a partnership with Global Investment Holdings. Mr. Tan graduated from Yıldız Technical University. He has 16 years of experience in the sector.